Symbolic violence against women

28 08 2010

Violence against woman in Italy is a topic that I discussed many times in this blog (for example here). This is a gloomy update. In the first picture, you’ll see an elegant ad (having been recalled) promoting solar panels.

Here, a fashion ad with vegetarian inspiration (interested in the creative idea? click here).

Right, we don’t have to be too serious: but why the male representation comes off better than the female one?

From photovoltaic to fashion, trivial ads are presented as being ironic. But also irony is a weapon with a hangman and a victim. Subtle consequence of the symbolic violence: maybe the victim doesn’t laugh as the hangman would expect.

MU by Peugeot [Top coolest July 2010]

19 08 2010

Marco Pedroni’s report about  MU by Peugeot has just been rated #1 in the Science of the Time Top 15 Coolest (edition July 2010).

Wednesday 18 August 2010 15:15

Contributed by Marco Pedroni (Milan, Italy)

What it Is:

Mu by Peugeot’ is a car rental service. You can buy ‘mobility points’ and spend them to rent a vehicle, a scooter, a bicycle or an accessory (snow chains, baby car seat, GPS navigator, a car DVD reader and so on). The first step is to create a Mu account on the website The Italian site is just one of the many points of entry. Currently they are also available in France, Germany and Spain and are currently expanding to Belgium, Holland, Britain, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal. With a Mu account Mu points can be bought and are usable to enjoy all the available rental services – cars, scooters and bicycles on offer in the ‘Mu by Peugeot’ dealerships. Read the rest of this entry »


5 08 2010






Da trickle-up a trickle-down, da coolfarming a cult searching… ecco un glossario dei termini che spesso ricorrono nei discorsi sul coolhunting. QUI

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