From fashion forecasting to coolhunting… in Oxford

20 09 2010

On the 25th of September I’ll join as a speaker the 2nd Global Conference on Fashion, held in Oxford in the second half of this week. My speech will be focused on the shift from fashion forecasting to coolhunting and it has been published here.

This is, more or less, what I’m going to say…

When I have read the word coolhunting for the first time, some years ago, I was immediately attracted by the idea of a job that consists in looking for cool ideas and cool people all around the world. But, as sociologist, I was totally unsatisfied with the stereotyped accounts of the coolhunter that you could find in newspapers and magazines.

On the one hand, journalists and essayists have often described coolhunting as the work of a young man, or woman, travelling the world with a digital camera, searching for cool images to send to a company or research agency. A marvellous job based on curiosity and intuition, carried out in the most fashionable cities of the planet.

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