Do you want to publish with me? 1.000 dollars, please

4 11 2011

What is at stake in the academic field is the intellectual prestige. Something you can obtain with your career and your publications. David Pblishing Company does know that and seems to contact scholars to solicit the submission of papers to be published in a peer-reviewed and prestigious journal. Wow!, I said when I received their email some days ago – to be honest, quite unusual: it is normally the author who decides to contact a journal and send a proposal. But there is a ‘but’: what is the reputation of this so-called ‘From knowledge to Wisdom. Sociology Study’ that seems so anxious to publish my work? Google gave me the answer, and colleagues informed me by email about the real nature of this Company, that the International Sociological Association has defined “a form of academic fraud”. They accept your paper and then ask a large amount of money, I’ve been told. In the normal life of an academic, publishing has a cost, but in a very different way: you must and want to join conferences, also traveling abroad and paying fees, to present your draft papers and increase their quality by listening to colleagues’ suggestions; so you meet people and build research networks. And obviously you invest time in writing and rewriting your papers. But asking a thousand of USD to be published it’s another thing.
Be aware, academic people. This is my humble contribution to make the information circulate.

Useful links: ISA e The Trial Warrior Blog.

The Middle Finger and the crisis

3 11 2011

Thanks to Carl Rohde and Science of the Time for publishing my article on Cattelan’s Middle Finger displayed in Milan in front of the stock exchange building. Here the full article.

Cattelan's Middle Finger. Milan, nov. 2011. By M. Pedroni

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