Monti’s government sociologically speaking

24 01 2012

On January 2012 most part of Italian electors express their satisfaction about the ‘technical’ government leaded by Mario Monti. Of course this is partly due to the fact that Monti allowed to overpass an almost-20-year political nightmare called Berlusconi. Anyway it is very curious to notice how many leftists see as natural and mandatory a government that don’t really fight against Fitch and Moody’s ideology, but try to convince them that Italy is a safe place for investments – so, it works with tools born from the same financial ideology. And this Bourdieuian symbolic violence reaches its peak by using a theatrical approach, that is creating representations to convince an unidentified global market that Italians are reliable people. Crazy to say, a professor of economics has harmonised Bourdieu and Goffman’s sociological frameworks.

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