Empowerment and blogosphere

1 11 2007

Empowerment. That is the first immaterial need of everyone around the world; the desire of bringing to the light the best of yourself and realizing your own abilities. Nowadays customers give their preference to products, services and brands that could maximize the empowerment – bodily, symbolically or virtually.
This is the strongest worldwide trend, according to Carl Rohde, Dutch sociologist of culture and head of Signs of the Time (www.signsofthetime.nl), after his researches on youth interests.
The blogosphere is all about empowerment. For more than one reason. The blogosphere allows anyone to respond, directly. It is a worldwide two-way communication unlike any other mass medium has ever provided. Many private operators in the blogosphere have no direct commercial interest. This means that anything that is said is likely to be more authentic, honest and involved than in any television commercial. Participants evaluate each other’s responses with a simple grade, and the most relevant responses that get the best marks will automatically prevail. Wikipedia is a well-know example. A great number of people (seriously) interested in a great number of subjects comment on each other in a systematic way What is more, discussions tend keep going and the knowledge accumulated tends to refine and branch out accordingly and in many languages. Finally, the blogosphere is about empower¬ment because the virtual world is regarded as being “ours” rather than “theirs”, “ours” rather than “corporate”.
Carl Rohde and Marco Pedroni’s full article is available on Tafter.it.

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